Wednesday, August 11, 2010

in Prague

Most of the people I came here with are still upstairs. Haven't heard a peep from the yet. We are planning on meeting for bfast at 9 and then we are going on a bus+walking tour of the city and the prague castle today, in the morning. Then Lunch, hopefully not pizza or pasta, and then no plans till 8pm, when we are going to a Marrionette theatre thingy called the Magic Flute by mozart. Fingers crossed.

Yesterday was great fun. Morning till 10am was an excercise in breakfast hunting. our hotel breakfast wass too expensive - 25 eur per person; so we decded to get to the city centre. only how to get to the city centre? the receptionist said take a tram to the national museum and you'll find lots of food. so we went to the tram station, and then we found out that we had to get tickets before we got on, not after. so we went back to the shopkeeper we passed on the way there and with a lot of gesturing and finger pointing and calculater typing we for 9 adult and 1 child tickets, with 2 going free. yay. we got there with peripa talking about how the place needed to have fruits. and the fiirst three didn't pass muster for the fruit reason or the cost reason or whatever but we finally had breakfast. eggs and toast and honey and muesli and yogurt and fruits and coffee and tea and chocolate. and the we walked.

we walked down to wenceslas square, past beautiful buildings and and many many tourists. we walked some more and reached a great mass of humanity, all standing around andwaiting for the clock to strike 12. and it struck twelve and kept ringing for a while. we all aaahed and oohed and pointed a the girl with blonde hair in the large window next to the clock tower looking much like the princess of legend, locked in a tower, waiting for her prince to rescue her. or waiting for the clock to finishing ringing so she could continue on the tour, i guess.

we went on to the river Vltava after some beer and margarita and tequila and waltermelon juice. the children were fed and we walked around somemore. and we took the metro back to the mall near the hotel where some of us split from the rest of us for sandwiches and icecream and then slept for a couple of hours.

the evening's entertainment was pretty boring - a musical fountain, though the bus ride around the city was nice. we came back to the hotel after another italian meal and crashed.

stuff happened the day before yesterday. mostly we just walked a lot before finding that the restaurant we were going to had closed and had dinner at what would be the first of many many italian restaurants we would grace with our presence in the trip, i'm sure.

i'm going to see if i can scare up some coffee from these people.

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  1. Why hello again!
    Its good to see activity.
    I meant to restart the ol' livejournal. Perhaps I shall?
    Prague. Sounds so...worldly traveler...or something.